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Selous Game Reserve

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Jul – Oct
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Jun – Nov

Safari in the Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve is one of Africa’s biggest Game Reserves, home to the big 5 including large herds of elephant and buffalo, the endangered wild dog, lion and more Giraffe than you are likely to encounter anywhere else in Africa.

A safari to the Selous Game Reserve is entirely different from a Safari in the Northern Parks such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro regions. The Selous Game Reserve does not have the vast open plains of the Northern Tanzania Safari parks, instead it is a combination of bush, lakes and mighty rivers.

The Selous Game Reserve also offers a more exclusive Tanzania Safari experience, as the “Southern Tanzania Safari Circuit” which is the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha are less touristy and offer huge undiscovered wilderness areas to guests that safari in these regions. The Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha make an excellent Safari circuit and combine nicely with Zanzibar which is in close proximity. Life In the Selous also runs along at a gentle pace when compared to the activity in the Northern parks. For avid safari goers that have experienced the Northern parks or for couples wanting a romantic getaway then it does not get much better than a safari in the Selous Game Reserve.

The Selous offers one of the finest walking safari experiences in Africa.
What our clients say..
“Selous was also fantastic and such a spectacular setting. We enjoyed our time here and the staff were brilliant and really accommodating.”
Vicky & Craig, South Africa
Safari by boat on the Rufiji River

The standard of the luxury safari lodges in the Selous are very high and the safari guiding is of the highest order. Walking Safaris and bush camping in the Selous Game Reserve are highly recommended safari activities and the Selous is certainly one of the best reserves in Africa for a walking safari. With beautiful lakes and the mighty Rufiji River, boat safaris are also very popular in this region. The allure of a safari to the Selous Game Reserve is not only the outstanding wildlife but also the array of activities that are often on offer including game drives, safaris by boat and walking safaris.

Enquire Now and an Africa Uncovered specialist consult will assist you in planning an unforgettable safari to the Selous Game Reserve.


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