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The friendliest people in Africa, age-old culture, tradition and crafts, high mountain peaks, white water rivers, and broad blue lakes, combined with Africa’s Big Five in magnificent natural settings, Malawi has it all.

Malawi is also becoming a popular destination for Weddings and couples on an Africa Honeymoon, for obvious reasons. One of the smallest countries in Africa, it is tucked between three giants, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia

Malawi is so small that it is often overlooked, and that is partly why it is such a magical destination. The least exploited of African tourist destinations, Malawi is rapidly being “discovered”.

Even though landlocked, it is a nation of fishermen, as one fifth of the country is taken up by Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa. Trapped in the Great Rift Valley, the Lake laps like an inland sea at the foot of wooded escarpment hills in a setting of haunting beauty. Malawi’s scenery is varied, with rolling hills and plateaus, mountain ranges and lakes. Due to the warmth and friendliness of the people, Malawi is regarded as one of the best places to experience real African culture…

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