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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
A truly awe-inspiring experience!
In Search of Mountain Gorillas
Trekking the slopes of the scenic Virunga Mountains
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The gorilla families that are tracked are habituated and so are comfortable being around humans. This allows for an unbelievable once in a lifetime experience as you can get within metres of these magnificent creatures.

The Gorilla treks accommodate a group of up to 8 individuals and are led by an experienced park ranger. The trek to see the Gorillas usually lasts from between 2 to 5 hours depending on the resting location of the Gorillas. The trek can take longer but they can also be found in under 30 minutes. As the length of the trek is unpredictable and as the vegetation is quite thick and the gradients can get fairly steep, a good level of fitness is required.

The Gorilla treks usually set off in the early morning from the National Park headquarters at around 07:30am. The treks normally start in the cultivated land at the base of the volcanoes and then as you walk up the slopes you enter the beautiful forest which is home to the Mountain Gorillas. Once you reach the gorillas you are permitted to stay for one hour to view them.

The minimum age for seeing the Gorillas in Rwanda is 15 years and the cost is currently USD $1,500 per person for a Gorilla permit.

Gorilla Trekking in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda.
Africa Uncovered says..
Rwanda is our favourite destination for seeing the Mountain Gorillas. There are though, only 80 gorilla permits issued per day and during high season these sell out far in advance so it is important to book this wonderful life changing excursion as early as possible.
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