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Lower Zambezi

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Jul – Nov
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Jun – Nov


This area includes the lower section of the Zambezi River, which is regarded as Africa’s best canoe safari region. Meandering leisurely down the Zambezi in a canoe, and watching wild animals as they stand along the banks is a safari experience second to none.

The Lower Zambezi National Park lies nestled between the rolling hills of the escarpment and the mighty Zambezi River. The escarpment acts as a kind of barrier keeping most animals concentrated along the valley floor. Enormous herds of elephant, up to 100 strong, are often seen at the river’s edge as well as buffalo and waterbuck. Lion and leopard are also never too far away.

On safari in the Lower Zambezi
Sunrise on the Zambezi River

The Lower Zambezi River area typifies wild Africa. As this area is fairly remote it does not attract the tourist masses and is thus left in a very natural and undisturbed state. Wildlife also seems to be less bothered by people drifting by on the water in boats or canoes. This allows one to get very close to the animals and view them interacting with each other from close proximity. Fishing in the Lower Zambezi River is exceptional, with the tiger-fish being a much sought after catch.

The Lower Zambezi River area, with it’s great rolling hills and deep valleys, massive rivers and lakes and breathtaking sunsets is simply majestic and offers an excellent safari experience.


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