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Katavi National Park

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Features & Highlights

Peak Season
Jul – Oct
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Jul – Oct

Safari in Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park is a vast million hectare park in the middle of nowhere in Western Tanzania. It is utterly remote and takes over 4 hours to get there by plane from Arusha. Katavi is one of the last great African wilderness regions.

The sheer quantity and variety of wildlife in Katavi is exceptional. It is widely recognised amongst safari professionals that a visit to this park is one of the pinnacles of an African Safari and the perfect place for those with a sense of adventure.

A typical safari evening in Katavi National Park
What our clients say..
“We are now back from a great trip to Katavi, it was as good if not better than what we expected and our expectations were sky high!!!”
Brett Ralph; United Kingdom
On Safari in the remote and wild Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park has fewer visitors than any other Tanzania safari park and so if you are interested in being on safari in one of the last few undiscovered wildlife havens in Africa then Katavi is the place for your next safari. During the dry season from June to October the wildlife viewing as in most of Tanzania’s big parks, is exceptional. The only difference with being on safari in Katavi, is that you know you are in one of the most remote safari parks in Africa.

As the distance to get to Katavi is so great, at Africa Uncovered we highly recommend (Budget permitting of course) that you combine a safari in Katavi with a safari in Mahale National Park. Mahale is also located in the far west of Tanzania and comprises of Mountains, forests and Lake Tanganyika. Exploring the lake and trekking on the forested slopes in search of wild chimpanzees is a fantastic experience to combine with your safari in Katavi.

Enquire Now and an Africa Uncovered specialist consult will assist you in planning your safari to the legendary Katavi National Park.


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