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Zimbabwe is back

Zimbabwe was once right up there with the very best safari destinations. The wildlife was prolific and the safari guides were rated the best in Africa. Sadly as the political situation in Zimbabwe deteriorated, so did the infrastructure and wildlife were hammered as a result of excessing poaching. Without the constant revenue streams coming in from tourist dollars, paying for people to police the national parks became very difficult and the animals were unfortunately left to their fate.

Thankfully this did not occur throughout the country and a few islands of resistance continued throughout the late 90s and the beginning of this century. A few brave safari camp owners have managed to keep vast tracks of land free of poachers and with the current wave of optimism that is sweeping the country, their struggles should not be in vain. What started as a trickle of tourists a few years back has built into a steady stream and Zimbabwe looks like it is on course to once again via for its rightful place at the top of the safari world.

Zimbabwe does have some premier safari destinations such as Hwange National Park and Mana Pools, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Both these destinations offer an awesome safari and both are very different regions and so are well worth combining on a Zimbabwe safari. Zimbabwe is also home to the mighty and ever impressive Victoria Falls and this must see attraction is another reason why Zimbabwe is such a magnificent country to visit.

The long suffering people of Zimbabwe deserve to be pulled from economic gloom and tourism will surely lead the way.

Zimbabwe still has a few political hurdles to negotiate but it’s hard to see this indomitable country not regaining it’s former glory as The safari destination of choice for the discerning safari goer.

By Cristina Alias

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