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Kafue National Park

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The Kafue National Park lies in central-western Zambia and covers an area the size of Wales.

Despite the Park’s proximity to Lusaka, it has remained relatively underdeveloped allowing for a truly wild and diverse African Safari experience. The Kafue River and its tributaries supply water to a diversity of habitats, ranging from woodlands to wide open grassy plains known as “dambos” where huge numbers of antelope are attracted by the good grazing.

The outstanding Busanga Plains situated in the north-western section of Kafue National Park, is a vast floodplain fed by the Lufupa River system. This area of well watered grasslands attracts masses of plains game which in turn attract the predators. Game viewing in this area is unrivalled with an incredible array of antelope including sable, eland, impala, duiker, sitatunga, wildebeest, waterbuck, and red lechwe to name a few. Large prides of lion, up to twenty strong, solitary leopards and cheetah are the prime predators. It is not uncommon in the Kafue National Park to see lion chasing after red lechwe in water about half a metre deep.

Lion are often seen on game drives in the Kafue.
What Africa Uncovered says…
The Kafue National Park although not as well know as Zambia’s other wildlife regions, does deliver a high end safari experience. The Kafue is very different from the Luangwa and Lower Zambezi and is a great addition to a safari to these regions.
Safari in the pristine and game rich Busanga Plains in the Kafue.

Bird watching in the Kafue National Park is exceptional, especially along the rivers and open grasslands. There are reportedly over 400 species of bird most notably goliath herons, fish eagles, cormorants, spoonbills, waffled crone, and Pel’s fishing owl. Fishing in the hippo and crocodile filled rivers and lakes is also excellent.


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