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The best places in Africa to see Cheetah on safari.

Cheetah are certainly one of Africa’s iconic wild animals. They are often overlooked in favour of the more dominant Lion and Leopard, however, seeing a Cheetah whilst on game drive is just as thrilling as seeing a Lion or Leopard and seeing a Cheetah in full flight is an experience that is hard to better. 

Unlike Lions who can adapt to a variety of different terrains. Cheetah on the other hand prefer the short grasslands. The open plains allow Cheetah to easily see their prey and without many obstacles in the way, such as trees,  rocks, bushes and hills, this allows a Cheetah to maximise its main hunting weapon…its speed. 

Namiri Plains Cheetah on Game Drive
Cheetah seen on game drive at Namiri Plains, Serengeti.

Although Cheetah prefer a habitat of vast open plains. This does not mean that they are only found in such areas. Cheetah are found throughout both Southern and East Africa and can be found in places like the Okavango Delta in Botswana. They can also be seen in Kruger National Park in South Africa, even though the bush tends to be more dense, as well as in places such as Mana Pools in Zimbabwe and sightings in Hwange National Park are often very good too.

Cheetah also need to keep their distance from Lions and Leopards and this is more easily done away from thick bush and areas with lots of trees. The open plains and short grasslands not only maximise their chances of catching prey but also allow their ever alert eyes to spot incoming danger such as Lions, Hyenas and Leopard.  

Cheetah in the Serengeti
Cheetah are ever alert in the Serengeti.

So although they are found throughout both Southern and East Africa, Cheetah are best viewed on the short grass plains of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and in the Masai Mara in Kenya. Both safari destinations provide the ultimate habitat for Cheetah and the sightings of these fine wild animals, in these 2 regions is excellent.

For those lucky enough to witness a Cheetah at full sprint on the open plains are sure to leave with memories lasting a lifetime.  One of the best times to see Cheetah in Tanzania is when the great migration herds have their young from December to early March. The prospect of an easy meal located in perfect hunting terrain, ensures prolific Cheetah numbers in this region.  

Namiri Plains Camp in the Eastern sector of the Serengeti is also one of  the best camps for seeing Cheetah. The camp is in a remote area far from other camps and offers, arguably, the most exclusive Cheetah safari experience.

Cheetah eyeing its prey on the short grasslands.
Cheetah surveying the short grasslands.

For assistance in planning the perfect safari for seeing these magnificent animals, reach out to an Africa Uncovered Travel Expert. 

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