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Olakira Camp

Features & Highlights

Olakira Camp Summary

Olakira Camp is an excellent, small tented camp that shadows the migration in the Serengeti ensuring a fantastic safari experience. Not only is Olakira Camp always well positioned for prime viewing of the migration but it offers a really authentic safari. The safari guides are also some of the best in Tanzania.

In the early part of the year from December to March, Olakira is perfectly situated to witness the calving of wildebeest. In the dryer months from June to October the camp moves to the Northern Serengeti to have a front row seat for when the big herds move north. Under canvas and intimate, Olakira Camp captures the essence of classic mobile tented safaris, reminiscent of safaris in the 1930’s.

The camp shadows the Great Migration through the Serengeti and is designed to ensure optimum game viewing opportunities. The camp moves twice a year between carefully chosen campsites, allowing for superb game viewing at all times. Meaning “star” in Swahili, Olakira Camp aims to deliver an intimate and authentic safari experience.

From June to November Olakira Camp enjoys one of the most pristine corners of the northern Serengeti; pitched in the tranquil Bolongoja region to ensure an exclusive unspoilt taste of Tanzania. Surrounded by untouched wilderness, Olakira Camp is located just 300-metres from one of the crossing points used by the herds to traverse the Mara River.

In November the camp is closed to visitors as Olakira is dismantled and moved to the south. From December until March, it is a small shady forest east of Ndutu that Olakira calls home; views of a seasonal stream framing the vistas of iconic grasslands. Officially situated inside the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (NCCA), it allows Olakira’s highly trained guides to offer drives both within the NCCA and across the border in the southern Serengeti.

The beautiful scenery of the Northern Serengeti
Olakira Camp is always perfectly placed to view the migration
What Africa Uncovered says…
If seeing the Migration is of paramount importance and you favour a small tented camp away from the crowds then Olakira Camp is perfect for you. Their location from July which is right on the Mara River is hard to beat for seeing the Migration.

Olakira Camp Description

Olakira Camp is an intimate mobile camp with 9 luxury tents. Each tent has comfortable double or twin beds and convenient bathroom facilities (including hot shower, wash basin and environmentally friendly toilet). Each enjoys its own private verandah with a paroramic views of the Serengeti. Two communal tents are central to the camp and provide a comfortable lounge/dining area, perfect for sharing safari stories with your fellow guests.
What our clients say..
“Olakira was very nice. Very friendly staff. Food was really fantastic here. Friendly place with lots of meeting other people. Serengeti much busier than tarangire but still enjoyed very much.”
Jessica Matheson – UK


The main focus at Olakira Camp is game drives and wildlife viewing. Whether the camp is in the Southern Serengeti Ndutu region or on the Mara River the camp is always perfectly located close to the big herds. Game drives can be either half day or full day with a picnic bush lunch enjoyed overlooking the Serengeti plains. When the camp is in the north, a crossing point directly in front of camp allows for spectacular game viewing whilst enjoying breakfast. Private meals in the surrounding bush can also be arranged by camp management.
Olakira Camp is the perfect camp from which to view the great herds crossing the Mara River

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