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Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust

At Africa Uncovered we support and encourage wildlife conservation in Africa. One of the main wildlife conservation players in Africa is undoubtedly Wilderness Safaris; we love their safari camps and lodges and we work to promote them and their fantastic work towards Africa’s fragile wildlife conservation.

Wilderness safaris launched The Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust in 1980 when the company saw the possibility to contribute on a larger scale to protect the wildlife. The Trust, founded as an independent entity, would then need a reputable company such as Wilderness to raise funds in order to afford the basic tools for conservation projects such as a dedicated vehicle etc. Thanks to its International presence and well-respected reputation, Wilderness has been able to rely on its large network to reach more people to help with the Trust conservation projects.

Wilderness Safaris financially supports the Trust as they offer a free administration cost and all the donations they receive from customers and supporters are directly given to the Trust and so on to the conservation projects. Even when the Trust is capable of financially supporting its own projects, Wilderness Safaris is needed to contribute, facilitating its solid logistics and in-kind support. In fact, Wilderness Safaris and the Trust work in a symbiotic way ensuring that conservation is the driving force.

To be more concrete, The Trust enhances a very complete and comprehensive range of conservation projects that can be categorised in 3 main groups: Research & Conservation, Community empowerment & Education and Anti-poaching & management.

For more information about the Trust conservation programs, please check their official website – Wilderness Wildlife Trust.

By Cristina Alias

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