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Taking kids on safari

Understandably many parents are nervous about taking their kids on safari to Africa. The thought of Wild animals, malaria and long game drives are enough to ensure that a family safari to Africa is a non-starter for many parents. The reality is that with a bit of careful planning the risks can be reduced to such a great extent that the benefits afforded by such an experience far out way any potential risks.

Tanda Tula Safari

There are many fantastic safari camps and lodges that are completely fenced ensuring safety from wild animals and at the same time still delivering a very authentic safari experience. A lot of safari camps and lodges also offer family rooms and suites with inter-leading rooms so that parents can ensure the safety of their children whilst staying at the safari camps and lodges.

There are also a number of excellent malaria free safari destinations and so travelling with younger children is also possible as there is no need to take anti-malaria tablets if for example you safari in South Africa in the Malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve.

Madikwe Hills Lodge

There are also many safari camps and lodges not only in South Africa but in East Africa as well, in particular a Kenya Safari where game drives are shortened or replaced with activities that children may find more interesting. The kids also get to learn about a different culture and are sure to be highly entertained making local arts and crafts.

Children on Safari

Many parents are also under the impression that it’s not worth taking children under 10 on safari. For toddlers it is more reasonable to assume that they will not get as much out of a safari as an older child, but for young children that are no longer toddlers, a safari is a highly rewarding experience, filled with exciting and unique experiences, of great educational value and a fantastic way to bond as a family. The great family memories that are created for young and old are sure to remain firmly in the mind and as is often the case, a once in a lifetime experience becomes a family safari to Africa every few years.

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By Stuart Parker

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